We Support Machine and Motorcycle Through Campaign

Sewing Machine:

A Chinese electric machine which does sewing and embroidery costs Rs 20,000 ($130) in Pakistan. The sales person delivers it to the given address does all the connections and even demonstrates its operation. This machine can help any active lady to generate some income for the family.
I will buy this machine for this girl whose husband has a salary of Rs 18,000 ($115) a month working as a peon in an office and has 3 school going children.


A ride like Uber and Lyft in Pakistan is also carried out by motorcycle and called “baikia”.
A new motorcycle in Pakistan can be bought in Rs 44,000 ($280).
I am thinking to buy this motorcycle for the man who makes (Rs 22,000) a month working in a factory and also has 3 school going children. This man is willing to work part time using motorcycle as baikia to have some additional income.
To start baikia business he needs a driving license and a cell telephone with the motorcycle.
The man did not have a driving license and sold his cell phone when he was unemployed for 4 months. I have got his learning license made in Rs 800 and now will buy a cell phone in Rs 11,000 ($70) and after that a motorcycle.
This should enable him to earn more for the family.If we help these 2 families to stand on their own feet, this achievement will fulfill our goal of changing the life of at least some people.