We Helped the Family in Karachi

Today I talked to a family in Karachi referred to me by one of my contacts. The family has following situation:The man is about 48 years old and has a wife and 3 children, a son about 19 years old and 2 daughters ages 15 and 9 years.
They are renting a portion of a house in Abbas town.
Man is a salesman and had a regular job till few months ago, he then had motorcycle accident and could not work for few months. His company dismissed him. Now he has found another job but his income has gone down very low. This is also due to COVID and low business in the city. They said after recent rains in Karachi, nothing in the house such as TV, Refrigerator, etc are working.Their son is studying commerce in a college and elder daughter needs to apply for admission in 10th grade in a school. Her admission and 2 months fee, books and uniform require Rs 15,000.We cannot help them for everything, but as I always feel that a girls education is more important than a boy, I have committed them to take care of their elder daughter’s fees.
I am a big advocate for girls education, girls must be well educated and professional these days. Girls should be able to generate some income to support their family when needed.Update on thalawala (vegetable cart) manHis son has been admitted to a school in 10th grade and his fees is paid from your contributions.
I have also found a vocational schools for his 2 daughters who have studied up to 10th grade. However, until now the girls have not gone there for admission.
I feel sorry that despite some of our group members offer of extra help for girls education, they are not taking it seriously.