Statement of December 2020

The contribution of US$630 (Pak Rs 100,800) is distributed as follows:

1. Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 to 2 different families for their daughter’s school fees.

2. Rs 6,000 to sabzivala son for his school fees.

3. Rs 10,000 to a lady to buy a sewing machine.
Rs 5,000 to another lady to buy cell phones for her and her daughter. I bought a machine for this lady too last month. Cell phones will help them to run the business.

4. Rs 20,000 to the chokidar of a school who is sick and needed help for his daughter’s marriage.

5. Ladies dresses boutique: Rs 20,000 to the lady to start her business in her house. I have been sending her some amount every month. She has furnished her room with the shelves, tables and chairs, and has also bought an electric sewing machine. This lady’s husband has a very limited income, when her place is ready she will be able to generate some income for her family.

6. Ladies salon: Rs 25,000 to the lady to setup the business in her house. Also to her, I have been sending some amount every month. Painting, flooring, glass door are done. Now counters, mirrors and electrical works are underway. This lady and her husband are jobless since a long time. She has experience of working in a parlour and when her salon is ready, she too should be able to generate income for her family.

7. Rs 10,000 are sent every month from a separate acc to the man who is suffering with diseases, lives alone and is abandoned by his own children and family. Recall $600 were given for him by 2 of our members.

8. Clean water well project: a member of our group contributed $250 (Rs 40,000) separately for this project. The amount is sent to the person who asked for help.

9. Canadian $200 are given by a lady for the school fee of the daughter of a family. I will be sending some amount to the family from this account separately every month.