Dollar Five Club

List of the Receivers



This is a man in Karachi. He is about 50 years old has a wife and 2 children, one boy in college and one girl in school. He has a MBA degree from a college in Karachi. Until 2 years ago he was working as a manager in a lather factory and also teaching part time in a local college, and had a decent life.
Then somehow he lost his job and despite trying hard he has not been able to find any job until now. He tried to drive Karim taxi but hit his car and gave up. Now his wife and son are tested positive for COVID.
Perhaps Allah is not only testing his faith but also the faith of all the people around him.


This man in his sixties is a drive but now due to his poor health and urological conditions he cannot drive anymore. He lives in a slum area of Karachi and has opened a small snacks shop in his house. He wants to stock up his shop to make some earnings. A friend of mine who knows him has asked me to help him.Please note that the above Case-1 has already gone through my analysis and determination of the situation.

For Case-2, I have received his tel no but I still need to talk to him directly to access the situation.