Distribution of the funds in January 2021

$190 (Rs 30,000) given to a student who needed help to pay his last semester fee at Iqra University.

$175 (Rs 28,000) given to a young boy. This boy could not complete his B.com and started working due to his family situation. He needed help to complete his B.com degree.

$155 (Rs 25,000) given to an old lady whose son is unemployed since 4 months and needed help to pay the several months overdue rent of her house.

$220 (Rs 35,000) given to a plumber family who was referred by one of our group members. Plumber is on bed after an accident and his family is in desperate need of help.

$38 (Rs 6,000) monthly fee given for sabzivalla son. He will now be appearing for matric (10th grade) examination this year.

Other Donations

Plumber’s family: Two of our members, one in the US and one in Canada have donated $485 (Rs 77,500) to the family. I will be sending this amount in parts for plumber’s medical treatment.

Clean Water wells: Two persons in our group have donated $310 (Rs 50,000) for the clean water wells in Sind Pakistan. I am holding this amount for verification of the project.

Sadqa: $91 (Rs 15,000) sadqa is given by two persons in the group. This amount is sent separately to someone referred by one of our group members for distribution.

Sick man left alone by his children: $600 were donated to him by two persons in our group in Oct 2020.
I have been sending $65 (Rs 10,000) to him every month from this amount.

$200 (Rs 25,000) given by a lady in Canada in Dec 2020 for 2 daughters fees whose father is unemployed. I am sending Rs 5,000 each moth to them from this amount.

Only Allah know how much help our small contribution is providing to the needy persons and families, but we are doing our share thinking thatWe cannot change the world We can change the world of a person