Distribution of the funds in February 2021

Mother/ Daughter:

The Rs 60,000 ($380) sent to them for a sewing machine, cell phone and daughter’s fees for college. $100 extra were given by one member for this family.

Girl’s marriage:

The girl who is alone and getting married in Karachi: Rs 30,000 ($190) sent as our contribution to her marriage expenses.Man without job for 4 months: Rs 22,000 ($140) sent to him for his children’s school fees.Peon with heart attack: Rs 40,000 ($255) sent to the family for their 2 months house rent and children school fees.Boy B.com fee: Rs 10,000 ($63) sent to him for preparation to appear in examination.Sabzivalla son: Rs 6,000 ($38)sent for his 10th grade school fee.Other donationsPlumber’s family:

Two of our members, one in the US and one in Canada donated $485 (Rs 77,500) to the family in January 2021. This month Rs 15,000 ($95) are sent to them from this amount.Peon family: $300 are given by a lady in our group for a sewing machine and children school fee of this family. This amount will be used separately.Sick man left alone by his children: $600 were donated to him by two persons in our group in Oct 2020.
I have been sending $65 (Rs 10,000) to him every month from this amount.Canadian $200 (Rs 25,000) were given by a lady in Canada in Dec 2020 for a girl’s school fee. I have been sending Rs 5,000 each month for her from this amount.Clean Water wells: Two persons in our group donated $310 (Rs 50,000) in January 2021 for the clean water wells in Sind Pakistan. I am still holding this amount for verification of the project.