Dollar Five Club

We Helped the Family in Karachi

Today I talked to a family in Karachi referred to me by one of my contacts. The family has following situation:The man is about 48 years old and has a wife and 3 children, a son about 19 years old and 2 daughters ages 15 and 9 years.They are renting a portion of a house […]

Statement of December 2020

The contribution of US$630 (Pak Rs 100,800) is distributed as follows: 1. Rs 10,000 and Rs 5,000 to 2 different families for their daughter’s school fees. 2. Rs 6,000 to sabzivala son for his school fees. 3. Rs 10,000 to a lady to buy a sewing machine. Rs 5,000 to another lady to buy cell […]

Distribution of the funds in January 2021

$190 (Rs 30,000) given to a student who needed help to pay his last semester fee at Iqra University. $175 (Rs 28,000) given to a young boy. This boy could not complete his and started working due to his family situation. He needed help to complete his degree. $155 (Rs 25,000) given to an old lady whose […]

A Girl From Karachi Which We Supported

A few days ago I received a call from a young girl in Karachi. She said someone has given her my tel no. and asked me to help her to appear in intermediate (12th grade) examination. I told her I don’t know your background and cannot help you just on a tel call. When she […]

Another family which We Supported

A 40 years old man in Karachi works as a peon in an office for Rs 18,000 ($120) per months. This man had an heart attack few months ago but survived. He has 3 children ages 5 to 11 years. His wife contacted me and said their 2 months apartment rent is not paid. Also […]

Distribution of the funds in February 2021

Mother/ Daughter: The Rs 60,000 ($380) sent to them for a sewing machine, cell phone and daughter’s fees for college. $100 extra were given by one member for this family. Girl’s marriage: The girl who is alone and getting married in Karachi: Rs 30,000 ($190) sent as our contribution to her marriage expenses.Man without job […]

We Support Machine and Motorcycle Through Campaign

Sewing Machine: A Chinese electric machine which does sewing and embroidery costs Rs 20,000 ($130) in Pakistan. The sales person delivers it to the given address does all the connections and even demonstrates its operation. This machine can help any active lady to generate some income for the family. I will buy this machine for […]