Another family which We Supported

A 40 years old man in Karachi works as a peon in an office for Rs 18,000 ($120) per months. This man had an heart attack few months ago but survived. He has 3 children ages 5 to 11 years. His wife contacted me and said their 2 months apartment rent is not paid. Also children are not going school as they cannot pay for admission and other school fees.
Fortunately they live in an area where one of my relatives work. I asked my relative to find out about them.
He found out and confirmed me that this family really needs help.I have sent Rs 20,000 ($125) for children’s school admission, books and few months fees and Rs 20,000 ($125) for apartment’s 2 months rent.
Additionally as the woman is very active and says she knows stitching and can make some earning from making the dresses, I am planning to buy a sewing machine for her too.Your contributions are helping this family for few things.


The sewing machine which has all the features including the stitching comes with the foot pedal and runs with electricity. I thought this machine will be better for the mother to run and earn more. I have restored electricity in their house.
The girl will be getting orders for making the dresses for her mother from her garment company.I feel the family now is in a position to move on.