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Syed M Jafri
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Business Name: Dollarfiveclub Inc.
Business Type: Nonprofit
Formation State: New Jersey
 Nonprofit organization: Collection and distribution of the donations only.
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5 Hastings Court, Jackson, NJ 08527

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Syed M. Jafri
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Many people in developing countries have the skills and enthusiasm to generate an income for themselves, yet lack the opportunity to put it into practice.
We believe in empowering people to help themselves. Inspired by our faith, we see the wealth given by God as something that all human beings have a right to and we strive to give people access to sustainable ways of supporting themselves and their communities.
Our livelihoods projects cater to the specific needs of the communities that we work with and can range from anything to providing vocational training and tuition fees to young people, to the business start-up funds for families.

Our Story

How $5 club idea was developed?

Part I
A long time ago when I was living in Kuwait, one of my Indian muslim friends told me and others that an orphan house in his hometown in India is in such a bad shape that children have not even meat since last 6 months. He said if we all contribute $1 each every month it will be a big help to the children to live better.

As the amount was so small everybody liked the idea and agreed to contribute $1 every month. About 100 people immediately gave him $1 each and $100 were collected in no time. This gentleman took the money and went to India. Later he neither contacted nor asked anybody to make the payment.
After sometime when I met him and asked about his proposal, he said he is very busy and cannot continue to collect and send the money to the orphanage. I knew that he was not lying and has given the collected amount to the orphans and also had no doubt that the orphan house didn’t desperately needed funds.
The tragedy was that 100 people were ready to pay and 1000 orphan children needed help but there was nobody who could collect and send the money to them.

Since then I have been thinking that if a small amount which does not burden anybody is collected from many people, it will lead to a bigger amount and can be of some help to some needy people.

I have discussed about this with my few relatives and friends and all of them have agreed to contribute $5 each every month.

Based on the above idea, I have formed a $5 group of my relatives and friends. I will collect the amount from everybody each month and give it to a person or family who really needs help.

Purpose of my $5 WhatsApp Club is to keep everybody informed that how many people are in the group, how much is collected and to whom the collected amount is sent every month.
Suggestions and advice of the group members will also be discussed on the forum.

At the same time I would also like to ask everybody if you know a person or family who really needs help please let me know, I will add that family in the list for sending the donation too.

The contribution can be made to me through Venmo, Zelle or Paypal.
Name: Syed Jafri
Tel No: 001 917.602.3735

My Canadian friends can send the contribution to the following:

Name: Hasan Pervaiz Syed
Tel No: 416-804-7397
Part II
I have formed a $5 group of my relatives and friends in the US and Canada. So far I have about 40 people in this group and they will be contributing $5 every month. This month they have contributed about $200 (Rs 35,000). The group is expected to grow and I am sure I will be generating bigger amounts from the group in future.
Whatever amount is collected, it will be distributed to some needy family every month.

If you know a family who is going through hard time at this time, please send me the name and tel no. of them. I will also include them in my list for distribution of the contributions.
In order to keep the family identity confidential, please send the name and tel no of the family to my personal WhatsApp only.

Syed Mohammad Jaffer Jafri