A Girl From Karachi Which We Supported

A few days ago I received a call from a young girl in Karachi. She said someone has given her my tel no. and asked me to help her to appear in intermediate (12th grade) examination. I told her I don’t know your background and cannot help you just on a tel call. When she insisted to investigate whatever way I want, I asked her first to write me in detail about her family situation. She sent me a letter which is posted below.
When I called her today for more details she told me that her father died in an accident at work 3 years ago and she and her mother are only in the family and live alone. She after 10th grade first worked as a teacher in an elementary school and now working in a factory and taking care of her mother and the house all by herself. She said she wants to appear in 12th grade examination privately so that she will get a better job.
I did not believe her as she is only 22 years old. I told her to let me talk to her mother. Her mother told me the samething.
They live in a portion of a house owned by a friend of the father who charges only Rs 2,000 ($13) per month. Other expenses are taken care of by the girls salary.
The girl and mother told me that last date for submitting the form and fee which is Rs 18,000 ($115) is Monday Feb 8, 2021.Fortunately I have a contact who lives in the same area where they live. I have asked him to go and meet the mother and girl and try to access their situation. Tomorrow morning he will visit them and will tell me what he finds.If he finds what this family is saying is true, I will immediately send Rs 20,000 ($125) to the girl via Western Union as they don’t have a bank account.I also asked the mother if she knows stitching, she said yes she does stitching good but not have a machine. I am also thinking to buy a stitching machine for her so that she can also try to generate some income.I am trying to understand how a 22 years old girl is living alone with her mother in a big city and taking care of the household all by herself. At the same time also trying to get college education for a better future prospect.